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aerator is a machine that is often applied to the fisheries industry, its main role is to increase the oxygen content in the water to ensure that fish in water oxygen, but also inhibits the growth of anaerobic bacteria in the water to prevent water deterioration threatens fish habitat. Aerators are generally on their own air pump air into the water, in order to achieve the purpose of increasing the oxygen content in the water.

aerator is a through motor or diesel engine, power source drive work parts, makes air in the of "oxygen" quickly transfer to farming water in the of equipment, it can utilization physical, and chemical and biological, function, not only can solution pond farming in the because hypoxia and produced of fish floating head of problem, and can elimination harmful gas, promote water convection Exchange, improved water conditions, reduced feed coefficient, improve pond activity and primary productivity, to can improve stocking density, increased farming object of feeding strength To promote growth, the yield increase and fully achieve the purpose of farming income. We are deeply gratified by: years of effort, not only creates good economic benefits for our customers, but also has contributed to the cause of environmental protection in China. Looking to the future,

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