Aeration type aerator
&Nbsp;      new generation of oxygen aeration aerator is aquaculture equipment won the national patent, the leading domestic People's Republic of China intellectual property rights outside the design patent number 200730296347.6, utility model patent no 200820086966.1 the latest product, characterized by simple design, easy installation, installation is completed in less than 3 minutes, light movement, energy, increases the oxygen effect different from the impeller type waterwheel Its unique impeller, with the parallel of stable triangles floating design, can make the water upwards, resulting in certain areas of water for boiling, water in contact with air during eruptions, forming water aeration bottom dissolved oxygen, increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water body. Secondly, the water in the process through the motor, the motor, gearbox under water cooling. Motor working long hours does not give off heat, ensure that the motor is not working for a long time to burn out, do not increase the current and low current 330V works, fishing by the National Center for quality supervision and test, its aerobic capacity and 2.5Kg/kw.h. Is the fastest domestic similar product oxygen with power.

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