Aerator use technology

first, rational allocation
aerator aerator models with pond water depth and area of support, but the main consideration water depth. 3-kilowatt impeller aerator, applies to 1.4-2.0 m water depth, 5.5 kW impeller aerator for 2.1-2.4 meters deep, 7.7 kW impeller aerator applies more than 2.5 meters. If used in 1.3 m water depth impeller aerator will make the bottom sludge formed, leading to increased biological oxygen consumption, reduces the dissolved oxygen in the pond.
ponds configuration of less than 1.3 m water depth water jet aerator is appropriate.
yield of 500-800 kg of ponds, 3-5 acres of the surface configuration of a 3-kilowatt aerator.
ER, reasonable use of aeration methods
installing aerators in ponds is to improve water quality, prevention of fish floating head, increasing fish production. Many types of aerators, the most used impeller aerator, it has the function of water, aeration, aeration. For lack of water, high yield pond aerators are especially important. Does not need to run all day during the normal breeding process aerator, aerator role to play at a critical moment in order to achieve low power consumption, increase efficiency, and fish is not the purpose of floating head.
  the proper use of technology:
1, sunny in the afternoon. At 1 m above the epilimnion temperatures higher full illumination, photosynthesis, the most intense, reached supersaturation of dissolved oxygen, dissolved oxygen in the surface mixed layer after power on. At 1 m water layer, light fades, temperature, photosynthesis and weaker, less dissolved oxygen, low level may produce oxygen debt, start the aerator water, break the thermosphere, upper and lower water pond flow-switched, filling the lower waters of oxygen debt, making the entire water to maintain a reasonable amount of dissolved oxygen. Boot time to aerator loads depending on how much water. Such as: aerator load 3-5 3-kilowatt acres of the water running for half an hour if load 6-10 acres of water, then running for 1 hour. Sunny afternoon start time, filling lower-water oxygen debt, increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in water storage, to the next morning do not need to boot.
2, cloudy when power on. Generally cloudy day choose the next morning to boot, designed to direct water aerobics. Photosynthesis as a cloudy day weaker, less dissolved oxygen in water reserves, and after a night of consuming water dissolved oxygen oxygen can drop to fish near the threshold, so it should be 3-5 boot in the morning, if fish secret power of water and fertilizer ahead of time.
rainy or because fertilizer fish secret reasons, such as when there is a serious risk of floating head, until fish floating head to boot. Master details are in the pool of wild fish, shrimp floating head sign boot, usually before and after midnight. Because the oxygen content in the water rarely, if farmed fish, such as floating heads and then boot it is too late to rescue, easily lead fish Pan-Tang died. Wild fish oxygen threshold lower than that of farmed fish, small shrimp and can be used as boot timing reference.

    rainy day by day is not powered on. Rainy day photosynthesis is relatively weak, the surface water of dissolved oxygen will not be saturated, turn water will not mix supersaturation of dissolved oxygen in the water surface to the bottom, of the oxygen was not intended.
3, general weather evening dissolved oxygen does not lack water, therefore the evening will not boot, boot prompt on the pond, the water layer water convective mixing in advance and accelerate the rate of oxygen consumption. If the deterioration in water quality must be up not down, while preparing to increase oxygen use.

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