Aerator works
Aerator key performance indicators provided for increased oxygen capacity and power efficiency. Aerobic capacity refers to an aerator on water per hour increased oxygen content in units of kg/h power efficiency means an aerator 1 kWh of electricity consumed oxygen content in the water, the unit is kg/kWh. 1.5 kW waterwheel aerators, 1.7 kg/kWh power efficiency, says the machine is 1 kWh of electricity consumption, adding 1.7 kilograms of oxygen to the water.
aerator is widely used in aquaculture production, but still some fishery and how it works, types, and functions in practice performance for the blind and random. Here it is necessary to understand how it works, so that in practice are able to use it. As we all know, aerators are intended to increase dissolved oxygen in the water body, which involves oxygen solubility and dissolution rate. Solubility include water temperature, water salinity, oxygen partial pressure of 3 factors dissolution rate includes dissolved oxygen in unsaturated degree, water-gas area of contact factors and mode, water sport conditions 3. Water temperature and salinity of the water is a kind of stable water conditions, normally not change unsaturated degree of dissolved oxygen are factors that we have to change, is also a water current. So to achieve the body oxygen must be directly or indirectly change the partial pressure of oxygen, water contact area and 3 factors, water movement. In view of this situation, aerator design measures have to be taken when:
1) using mechanical parts churned up the waters, promote the exchange of convection and interface updates;
2) for small water droplets and sprayed into the gas phase, increasing the contact area of water;
3) by negative pressure suction and gas micro-bubbles, into the water.
a variety of different types of aerators are designed and manufactured according to these principles, either take a measure for dissolved oxygen, or two or more measures.

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