History of the aerator

lies in the pond water of oxygen, and the General are unable to meet the demand of oxygen equipment, not break the fish mass mortality is due to high yield floating head of oxygen problem. In this context, fishery machinery and instrument Research Institute Chinese Academy of fishery Sciences (hereinafter "fishing") bear pond hypoxia the subject. After a study found, by improving aeration and increase the oxygen content in the water. And by simplifying the aerator, aeration machines fixed to a floating type, adjust the water level to a fixed level, change the speed to speed, eliminating complex level control devices and speed regulating system, further reducing the cost of aerator.
enterprises and fisheries cooperation, development of the second generation, third generation of impeller aerator, or fish pond farming is widely used in the three-Island buoy, gear-driven scoop water impeller. Among them, 3kW and 1.5kW two model impeller aerator is the universal model national promotion and fish pond aerator of the armed force for nearly 30 years.

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