Scientific installation and use aerators

aerators are effective methods to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen, in addition to increased oxygen in addition to also promote the flow of water and prevent water temperature, chemical stratification and oxygen stratification. While aerator must be worked in the depths of the pond in order to improve the soil at the bottom of the pond, the underlying soil aeration and the avoidance of toxic gases, to prevent likely to die of disease in aquatic animals.

aerator is a through motor or diesel engine, power source drive work parts, makes air in the of "oxygen" quickly transfer to farming water in the of equipment, it can utilization physical, and chemical and biological, function, not only can solution pond farming in the because hypoxia and produced of fish floating head of problem, and can elimination harmful gas, promote water convection Exchange, improved water conditions, reduced feed coefficient, improve pond activity and primary productivity, to can improve stocking density, increased farming object of feeding strength To promote growth, the yield increase and fully achieve the purpose of farming income.
currently market Shang traditional type of aerator armed has following several:
a is impeller type aerator: has increased oxygen, and stirred water, and burst gas, integrated role, is currently up used of aerator, annual output value about 15--200,000 Taiwan, its increased oxygen capacity, and power efficiency are is better than other models, but running noise larger, General for depth 1 meters above of big area of pond farming.
-second waterwheel aerators: has good air and water flow effect, applies silt deep ponds.
three-Jet aerators: efficiency of its air power over water, inflatable, water in the form of aerators, simple structure, forming the water, mixing water. Jet type aerator can make the water smoothly increases oxygen, does not damage the body, suitable for oxygen use in FRY tanks.
four: have good aeration function, in a short time, rapidly increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen in surface waters, as well as artistic effect, suitable for garden pond or tourist areas.
Wu is the air pump: because of its portability, easy operation and a single oxygen function, usually for depth of 1.0 m, area below on 1-acre fish pond or greenhouse ponds.
aeration oxygen technology is the new pond technology developed in recent years. Jiangyin Pang da aeration aerator rubber and plastic production, for example, it works primarily with advanced nanotechnology, through air compressors compressed air distribution in Nano-Tube air close to the bottom of the pond to reach from bottom of pond-dimensional effects of oxygen. Compared with the traditional mechanical surface aeration, aerobic area, increases the oxygen levels balanced, less mechanical energy and improve the environment at the end of obvious advantages. It has the following features:
, increases the oxygen in the bottom to form a v-shaped or spiral bubble. Water depth is 2 m or so, spray a v-shaped air tube-shaped bubbles up to 3-4 meters wide, a 1. 2 meter diameter oxygen effectively increased oxygen can reach 350 square meters, the bubble diameter on the 3. 5UU, large contact area with the water, Tang 6-8 g/l dissolved oxygen in the bottom water, speed up the water at the bottom of ammonia nitrogen and nitrite oxidation, hydrogen sulfide and other harmful substances, and degradation of aquatic toxicity, curb excessive water eutrophication, improving the living conditions of aquatic products.
II, as compared to other modes of oxygen, aerating oxygen belong to the static air at the bottom, normal life with minimal impact on aquaculture products, so you can increase the adaptability of aquaculture products, increased appetite and shorten the breeding cycle, stocking density can be up to 1. About 5 times, increase production and improve quality. Obtain the best value.

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