Water aeration oxygen equipment and no-tillage machine principle and method of use
Aquaculture technical training and demonstration on the spot was informed that the main display machines are on the spot:-aeration oxygen-water equipment, tillage machines, impeller aerator, feeding machine, etc. Impeller aerator and feeder are currently used in our province of sophisticated machines, is not described in detail here, mainly water aeration oxygen equipment and farming machines.
aeration oxygen equipment is the rise in recent years of new water aerobic equipment from roots blower (air compressors, vane pumps, etc), ventilation duct, pipe, fittings, hose and the aeration pipe (plate), frame, etc, is a new stereo aeration oxygen technology. Exposure tracheal General for polymer material made of micro-hole tube, micro-hole diameter General in 0.01~0.05 around, in water Xia Shi due to surface tension of reasons, water not into tube in the, work Shi in 0.2~0.3MPa pressure Xia will clean of air (oxygen) from micro-hole in the extrusion, in water in the generated countless a diameter for 0.5~2mm of micro bubble, in water in the formed fog-like spiral rose, diffusion distance about 1.5~3M. The items technology of main principle a is through exposure gas, will water in the algae produced of oxygen through Exchange, from water surface with to pond bottom; II is through rose bubble, improve air and water of contact area, increased water dissolved oxygen; three is filling into gas itself has part dissolved in water in the, improve has water of dissolved oxygen volume, especially in special farming in the or depth more deep of situation Xia, on lower water dissolved oxygen effect good, makes of dissolved oxygen and nutrient in whole water in the uniform distribution, guarantee water biological health growth. Effectively solves the high density, industrial, intensive aquaculture the oxygen problem.
tillage water from Japan introduced a new technology, is a way to improve the ecological environment, low energy consumption, improve quality of aquaculture production and of new aquaculture machinery. Currently in Japan to use more. By promoting water circulation, increasing the amount of dissolved oxygen at the same time, improve water quality, reduce the content of hazardous substances, improve the utilization of total plankton and food. Tillage water works through the machine rotation of the wing to a paddle wheel, build an extension to the surface of the water in machine center to form a cycle of rising currents, which could elevate the water Guide at the bottom of the water body to the surface, absorbs oxygen and sunlight and then dive. Such can makes water full exposure Yu UV Xia, enhanced has UV on water of role, elimination has floating in water in the of green algae and Escherichia coli, variety fungus, can promote water in the of useful algae and plankton of breeding growth, and these microbial and remaining bait, gathered in with, growth for harmless of groups, into fish of food, formed a perfect of food chain, reduced bait put volume of while also improve has bait of utilization. Also through the natural cycles in water to achieve a similar effect of window ventilation, make some low molecular weight material out from the water, play a role in water purification, elimination of foul smell and blisters, reducing cod and BOD and nitrogen content of water is clear.

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