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Aerator use
More and more people like fisheries, training in this area has been intensified, fast upgrading farming technology, significant increase in aquaculture production, in order to avoid fish die due to hypoxia caused by density, aerator using more common. Through observation, and understand found, most people on aerator of using also not too understand, this, Zibo days Miao marine technology limited to everyone introduced aerator of using method:
(1), and most for boot time can take: sunny noon open, cloudy morning open, rolling rainy midnight open, evening not open, floating head early open, fish growth season insisted daily open for principles.
(2), boot time can take: long boot time at midnight, noon start time is short; fertilization, hot weather, surface area or load, long boot time; without fertilization, the weather is cool, small size or loading surface is small, short boot time.
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