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Aerator uses what is
Although the aerator is used more and more in agriculture, and it is very convenient to use, but also not to forget the aerator the basic principles, such as the switching time of the year, and so on, in order to better play the effects of aerator, these principles should not be underestimated.
at noon on a sunny day when using the aerator if it is running an hour or two, so you can give full play effects of aerator, on cloudy days or when it rains, due to insufficient oxygen in the pool was so much better in the evening boot leave at noon, so that we can directly reach the oxygen effect. Addition in summer and fall, day water in the of temperature high, water in the fish son compared love activities, so General in dawn Shi boot, such can better of added oxygen, and until Sunrise Hou water Shang no fish has in stop, anyway aerator of boot time is if weather more hot is boot of time on need more long, if compared cool on can open of short some, and according to day in the different of boot time, by needed of Shi long also has changes, Use these principles as an excellent culture lies in the heart of the personnel should be skilled.

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