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Failure problems about impeller aerator
&Nbsp;  high speed rotating object, if out of balance, it will wobble. If the washer when tilt clothing piled up on one side, and then the severe wobble, fan if a leaf torn or deformed, serious shaking. So, you should check that the impeller is in a State of balance, for use when, after the impeller to objects floating in the water can cause changes in impeller blade angles, so appears dithered. Perhaps the point is not obvious, but the jitter high-speed rotation is obvious at the time. The impeller can be removed, sent to the tire shop dedicated to do the tyre balancing machine stuck on the test, to find out why. Aerator imbalances caused by other reasons can also check motor shaft bearings If loose, or deviating from the center of the axis. Around a central axis ball of rust stuck not move cause the Center shaft wear and deformation.

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