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How to properly use aerators
How right reasonable selection aerator is user hard select of problem, so in many not stable of environment factors Xia accurate assessment using aerator, for example including water temperature, and by farming animal type, and by farming animal of density, and water of salt degrees, and climate temperatures, and natural wind speed pressure, and pond size of depth, and water fertilization of how many, and feed feeding volume of how many, and natural water cycle of flow and so on are is select aerator performance of important factors.
1, impeller aerator-dynamic effect, large working area, suitable for four fish feeds.
2, waterwheel aerators-dynamic effects are a very good, strong flow effect, surface aeration clear, suitable for shrimp, crab-like animals.
3, diving, Jet aerators are suitable for farming in deep waters and long pond use.
4, water jet aerator small pond oxygen can also suitable for small fish pond garden tourist areas, large areas of pond oxygen has no effect.
5, inflatable water aerator, the deeper the better, can make the water up and down gently dissolved oxygen, and does not damage the fish body, suitable for oxygen use in fish fry tanks.
, hydraulic type aerator is the efficiency of oxygen equipment in the most potent of turbine aerator is upper and lower the principle of convection-diffusion to the surrounding water, four movements, improving the amount of dissolved oxygen in water, suitable and the shrimp and crab breeding.

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