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Impeller aerator operation points for attention
Impeller aerator has the function of emergency oxygen, mechanical aeration equipment oxygen in one of the fastest, allows it to rapidly increase dissolved oxygen in water, forming relatively oxygen-rich zones around the aerator, this is the impeller aerator can effectively prevent the fish floating heads one of the reasons. Following are some considerations when using an impeller aerator. How to configure
habit "deep water big fish", fish pond water depth of 2.0 meters, and at a depth of 2 meters above the pond, using the model of oxygen aerator, only use impeller aerator to make oxygen deep end of the pool. General surface configuration 1 per 5-6 Mu 3-kilowatt aerator is appropriate.
in pond dissolved oxygen from the water in phytoplankton photosynthesis and into the air, and the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water related to weather, water temperature, and air pressure, which requires in different seasons and under different weather conditions and rational use of aerators in order to reduce the cost of power on the conditions to achieve the best effect of oxygen. In different seasons, aerators should master the following principles of fair use:
high temperature in summer season:
sunny afternoon start (11:00-16:00)
water aerobics is mainly dependent on photosynthesis. Is light most of the day in the afternoon session, phytoplankton photosynthesis in the water is the most active period. Due to water in the photosynthesis most deep only reached water transparent depth of twice times, ponds surface water dissolved oxygen volume reached Super saturated Shi, in the, and bottom of water also in owes oxygen State, then will play impeller type aerator of mixing and exposure gas function, put upper of Super saturated dissolved oxygen water with to in the bottom, put in the bottom owes oxygen water with to upper for photosynthesis, while put pool end of of harmful gas as ammonia, and hydrogen sulfide, and methane, and carbon monoxide, with to water, makes ponds water overall dissolved oxygen level get improve, And reduces harmful substances in the water.
morning boot (23:00-5:00)
morning Shi pond in the water of dissolved oxygen volume is one days in the minimum of period, especially high-density farming of ponds, water in the of dissolved oxygen volume below 2 mg/rose, fish of floating head often occurred in this period; then paragraph opened aerator, can in aerator around formed a relative of rich oxygen district, to prevent floating head and turned Tang accident of occurred. Rainy day
due to the photosynthesis ability of fish pond water, rely mainly on aerators aeration to maintain the amount of dissolved oxygen in pond water, you should increase the boot time, divided into 6:00-9:00, 16:00-20:00, 00:00-5:00, and several boot time, depending on the water temperature control uptime, high water temperature should increase the boot time.
rainy season:
rainy season most likely floating head and Tang, due to low air pressure, difficult to dissolve in the water of oxygen in the air, aerators aeration efficiency is the lowest, best on 24 hours, prevent eutrophication and hypoxia due to Tang.

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