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You know several fish pond aerator?
Pond aerator is based on fish pond water shades, fish density and the choice, there are several commonly used:
1, inflatable type aerator. This machine suitable for use in deep water fish pond. When the pressurized air through the bottom and install the sediment filter or when the micro-porous plastic tubes emit tiny bubbles, bubble rising process water movement, part of the oxygen dissolved in the water so as to achieve the purpose of aeration. &Nbsp;   
2, Jet aerator. Very suitable for use in deep water pond fish density. This aerator pump and jet-pipe combinations formed. Work, pumps water from the Jet pipe nozzle fast-shooting out the negative pressure breathing air, water and gas mixed in the mixing chamber, and by diffusion tube out, spread of dissolved oxygen will flow with the straight line. Because of this mechanical aerators in the water without turning will not damage the body. &Nbsp;   
3, water jet aerator. This machine is only suitable for the shallow waters of a small pond. It pumps installed in the pond water into the middle and South of sprinklers, water jets and rain fall, bringing the water in contact with air to increase dissolved oxygen objectives. &Nbsp;   
4, waterwheel aerators. The machine work, blade high-speed currents, and stirred into the water in the air, achieve the purpose of aeration. This oxygen-enriching machine suitable for the shallow waters of ponds, it does not stir sediments can keep the water fresh.
5, impeller aerator. The machine by mixing water and aeration principles increase the amount of oxygen dissolved in water, oxygen effects, power efficiency, according to motor size has a variety of models. Machine when using float in the middle of the pond, with a rope tied to the edge.

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