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Water wagon type aerator

Water wagon type aerator

product features:

a new stainless steel

1, and breakthrough traditional design, used axis and impeller combined way, Assembly more province Shi, and more solid
2, and axis used engineering plastics and stainless steel tube synthesis, mechanical strength more high, using life long
3, and breakthrough traditional design, axis and activities head one forming, combined sex added
4, and resistance corrosion, and not rust, and life long
5, and has height extended characteristics, shock function better

Second, remove the plastic impeller

1, strong, corrosion-resistant, resistant to sunlight
2, increasing the number of impellers can improve aerobic capacity-
3, the machine is more stable, longer life
4, leaf removal, replacement easier and reduce maintenance time and cost

third, engineering support

1, with special material bearing, low coefficient of friction, more power
2, moderate hardness of bearing, effectively prevent wear

four, high density plastic pontoons

1, collision resistance, difficult to break down
2, corrosion-resistant and resistant to sunlight, and no aging
3, integrated, seamless, no water place

five gearbox, low impedance

1, the new longer bearing life
2 set, high quality, precision gear tooth surface by carbon and nitrogen infiltration

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